Hopelessly hopeful...

I'm the 18 year old loser in college never been kissed, never been asked on a date, never had a boyfriend, never had a valentine, never been "her." There is no one more forever alone than I.

I’m officially the only one of my friends that’s never kissed a boy before.

I’ll always like you. I liked you since the first day we laid eyes on each other but you know what? It won’t ever work. I’ve accepted that. As hard as it is.

But I’ll never be completely over you.

I forgot to take my medicine today.

My best friends just left.

I didn’t get to see my other best friend today.

I gained 8 pounds since I started college.

I’m so lonely.

It’s creeping in again.

I’m powerless to stop it.

It’s happening again. Same time as last year. I’m starting to lose it again. I can’t afford to lose it again. Not like last year. My eating habits are already coming back. My depression hasn’t gone anywhere but my ability to handle stress is getting lower and lower. Why won’t these pills work faster? I thought they were supposed to make it better.